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A void in your school’s playground can lead to serious financial outlay, as can discovering unexpected anomalies in the bedrock beneath your road or offshore wind farm. Moreover, unexploded ordinance is extremely dangerous and must be dealt with appropriately. It is vitally important to know of such elements long before undertaking any construction work so that you can plan appropriately for them.

Geophysical analysis involves using non-intrusive techniques to investigate the geology below the ground or below the seabed. Using a mixture of techniques including measuring the electrical properties of the soil, analysing seismic reflections and examining ground penetrating radar images, it is possible to build up a picture so that you have the necessary knowledge to not only ensure that technical risks are reduced, but financial ones too.

I’m Prof. John M. Reynolds, of Reynolds International Limited. Whether you’re a project manager in charge of building a road or offshore wind farm, or if you’re an engineering consultant involved in any other type of infrastructure projects, geophysical analysis is a crucial element of reducing risk.

I’d like to offer you a special gift to show you the fundamentals of geophysical consultancy, as well as how it can help: a free copy of my new guide, “Providing peace of mind through risk reduction”.

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Some of the topics I cover inside include:

  • The differences between terrestrial and offshore geophysical analysis
  • The technical and financial benefits of reusing and reinterpreting data for different applications
  • Combining geophysics and geotechnics for sophisticated solutions

And much more besides! Having been working in geophysics since 1974 and with more than 24 years’ experience specialising solely in near-surface geophysical consultancy, I am uniquely placed to be able to help you mitigate risks and understand the role geophysics can play in a variety of different situations.

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Prof. John M. Reynolds