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Reynolds International Ltd (RIL) is the UK’s leading independent near-surface geophysics consultancy company. Whether you are looking to develop a major offshore wind farm or a small commercial development on land, helping you with YOUR prospective project is what OUR business is all about. Each site investigation, earthquake preparedness plan or glacial hazards assessment is unique to you. We view each project as a special case and are not satisfied until you are. Our highly qualified and experienced staff will take the time to work with you so that you feel confident that the project outcomes meet your requirements and your expectations.

The company was established in July 2009 by its Managing Director, Prof. John M. Reynolds. We specialise in near-surface and wind farm geophysics, earthquake preparedness, and glacial hazard assessment and mitigation as core parts of our business. Our activities have been built up from previous work undertaken over the previous 15 years by Reynolds Geo-Sciences Ltd (RGSL).

Our personnel have worked extensively in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, South America and Antarctica on a variety of commercial and research projects. Our clients include the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO), UN agencies, engineering and renewable-energy consultancies, major manufacturing companies, other commercial organisations, and government agencies (e.g. Countryside Council for Wales).

In order to provide you with the best technical advice, our extensive commercial experience is underpinned by research that is often undertaken in conjunction with university research groups. Our research is frequently published in peer-reviewed international journals, details of which are provided within the resources section.

Prof. Reynolds is the leading world expert on glacial hazard assessment and remediation and is also well-known internationally through his widely acclaimed textbook ‘An introduction to applied and environmental geophysics’.

Call us now on +44 (0)1352 756196 or email info@reynolds-international.co.uk so that you can find out without any obligation how to benefit from our assistance.

Reynolds Geo-Sciences Ltd

You may have been directed here from the Reynolds Geo-Sciences Ltd (RGSL) website, or you may have previously worked with RGSL and would like to know where RGSL has gone. RGSL was an independent geophysical and geological consultancy established in 1994 by its Managing Director, Dr John M. Reynolds. RGSL was independently recognised as the […]

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