September 2014 – Disaster Risk Management role with The World Bank

January 23, 2015

In September, Prof. John M. Reynolds, MD of RIL, was appointed as a Short Term Consultant to The World Bank, Washington D.C., USA, to take a technical lead through 2014-15 in a major new 5-year $100 million project funded by The World Bank and the Japanese Government on introducing Disaster Risk Management into the hydropower sector across the Himalayan Region (Nepal, Bhutan, India and Pakistan).

This has involved undertaking a forensic assessment of recent disasters in the region and a remote sensing assessment of glacial hazards in a specific river catchment in Uttarakhand in northern India. This will lead to him acting as a facilitator at an inaugural workshop due to be held in Kathmandu, Nepal, in April 2015. This role enhances his position as the world leader in glacial hazard assessment. [Image of the destruction of the Vishnuprayag hydropower structures courtesy of].