Site investigation

Create better ground models through geophysics and reduce the risk of unforeseen ground conditions and project overrun.

A geophysical survey can provide significant benefits to almost any site investigation. Data can be acquired extremely rapidly with high spatial resolution across most of the area of each site. The geophysical results can be used to locate complementary trial pits and bore holes in optimal locations, thereby reducing the risk of missing key aspects of the ground conditions. With the wealth of well-developed, proven geophysical techniques available, it is Best Practice to consider and, where appropriate, include a geophysical survey as part of the planning for almost any ground investigation.

Geophysical interpretation of a solution feature

If you are not a geophysical specialist, trying to get the best out of a geophysical survey can be a daunting task. If you get it wrong, you run the risk of wasting your money. Help is at hand: whether you are looking to develop a major road scheme, a small commercial site or whatever your ground investigation application, your geophysical project is important to us.

Our talented and highly experienced geophysical staff will take the time to work with you to develop your geophysical project to make sure it is right for you, right from the start and right to the finish.

Our staff have been involved in near-surface geophysical consultancy for over 20 years and we are regarded as the leading independent environmental and engineering geophysical consultancy in the UK and have an international reputation. RIL staff publish regularly in international, peer-reviewed journals (see the publications page for more details). By having a thorough understanding of the range of inter-disciplinary techniques used in ground investigation, we are well placed to advise on how geophysical surveys can complement traditional investigation methods so that you can obtain the best outcomes from your surveys.

In order to help you keep abreast of developments in near-surface geophysics, we offer a FREE lunchtime seminar ‘Benefits and pitfalls of near-surface geophysics’ that can be presented in your office as part of your CPD programme.

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If you work for local or national government, an independent property developer, consulting engineer, mineral exploration company or any other type of business involved in ground investigation, within the UK or overseas, then we can be of help to you. We undertake geophysical site investigations on all scales, from back gardens and small commercial developments […]

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Geophysical survey consultancy

We offer international geophysical consultancy services for all types of site investigation, both on land and overwater. In order to provide you with the best service, we provide consultancy services for geophysical site investigations. Unlike other geophysical service providers, we can assure you that we are totally independent of any geophysical contractors. As geophysical consultants, […]

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