Specification and Tender Evaluation

It is important that surveys are properly specified so that they yield the information you want, not just what a geophysical contractor wants to give you. Through strict specifications you can ensure that your surveys yield the best data quality and the most suitable interpretations in data formats that are most useful to you.

If you are at the planning stages of your site investigation, we can work with you to ensure that your geophysical and hydrographic survey specifications are appropriate for your survey area and will give you the information that you need. A thorough specification with well-defined survey objectives and expected outputs enables Contractors to bid on an equal footing and ensures that the tenders you receive can be assessed properly on the basis of the value of the services offered.


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Basic questions need to be considered at the specification stage, such as:

  • What is the purpose of your survey – what coverage do you need, and with which techniques?
  • What vertical datum should you work to?
  • What deliverables do you want – raw data, processed data, or a full interpretation and 3D geological ground model? To what degree will you specify the processing and interpretation methodology?
  • What format deliverables do you need – paper charts, geological sections, digital subsea interface elevations?
  • Do you need a staged output or one final report?
  • Will boreholes be available to aid interpretation?

Once a specification has been issued, we can provide an independent evaluation of tenders based not only on costs but also on a thorough understanding of what standards should be achievable.



"CEGS have known of Reynolds International Ltd, previously Reynolds Geo-Sciences Ltd, since the mid-1990s and have utilised their services over the years for specific surveying in the former underground coal and iron ore fields of West Cumbria. As a lead consultant, we have used Reynolds International to successfully locate and define both the underground workings and the mine entries that pose a hazard to the built environment, especially shafts in the iron ore workings. Additionally, we have also enrolled on the CPD training courses that are organised by Professor John Reynolds and these provide an invaluable update to our professional skills. We will continue to use Reynolds International as our preferred specialist Geophysical consultancy because of the consistent high professional standards that are applied to every project."

Dennis R. E. Dickins, CEGS, Cumbria

"The British Embassy, Bucharest, has been working with Professor John Reynolds, of Reynolds International Ltd, since 2008 in order to ensure that the Embassy’s earthquake and emergency planning is up to date; and that all staff, dependents and the British community, for which the Embassy has a responsibility, are briefed on the causes, the preparations and the relevant actions in the event of an earthquake. Professors Reynolds’s knowledge, advice and guidance has been invaluable in ensuring that the embassy’s plan is as up to date and in an as workable format as possible. His knowledge is second to none and his guidance is clear concise and in an understandable format."

B A Davidson – HM Consul, Head of Corporate Services, Bucharest, Romania

"The earthquake preparedness training course provided by Professor John M. Reynolds for BAT Romania’ employees during 3 days in February this year was a well designed and tailored course given the high seismic hazard area where Romania is located. The main aim of the course was to provide our employees with necessary information to help them to reduce their own vulnerability at work, in their out-of-work activities and in their family lives. I was very pleased with the results of the training and, most importantly, I have received very positive feedback from participants. I recommend this course for other commercial organizations in Romania or abroad."

Eugen Stan, Business Security Manager