Client representative support and report evaluation

A key element for Clients is having a suitably qualified and experienced representative on board the survey vessels making sure that the best quality hydrographic and geophysical data are collected as per the specification. However, there are times when the on-board representative may need support in evaluating the data quality or suitability of the data.

RIL can provide substantial on-shore support for your on-board Client Representatives and can undertake thorough data quality reviews and technical audits to ensure data quality is maintained to specification throughout the surveying period.

We also offer an expert review service, which entails data and report checking of draft and final reports and both paper and digital products delivered by your Contractor.

Call us now on +44 (0)1352 756196 or email so that you can find out without any obligation how we can help you ensure the quality of your offshore geophysical data.

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