Glacial hazard services

If you are managing a major project in a mountain environment in which there are many glaciers and glacial lakes, do not be fooled into thinking that if they are tens of kilometres away that your project is immune from their effects. Glacial Lake Outburst Floods (GLOFs) can travel for over 200 km from their source causing widespread damage downstream.

The processes that lead to lake formation are thought to be a result of warming climate. The causes of events that trigger such floods are complex and varied and change with time. It is essential, therefore, that to manage such hazards the underlying processes are understood.

Staff at Reynolds International Ltd have pioneered research into these issues for many years. We have also developed practical measures by which these hazards can be identified remotely, assessed and prioritised objectively and transparently, and prospective measures designed to mitigate their potential impact, where appropriate. You can be sure that your project is our priority.

We offer a complete commercial consultancy service in all aspects of glacial hazard and risk management, including:

  • Hazard identification and assessment
  • Project design and management
  • Risk assessment for vulnerable infrastructure and communities
  • Strategic resource planning

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