Earthquake Emergency Response Plans (EERP)

Imagine the scene – a major earthquake has just struck. It is 2 pm on a working day. Your entire business function has just come to a halt; your offices have been damaged; goods stored in warehouses have just been wrecked; your distribution system has just disintegrated; some of your staff are lying injured in the rubble. What are you going to do next? Apart from panic, that is!

If your answer is “I don’t know”, then you need to start thinking about preparing an earthquake contingency plan. Research by Chase Manhattan Bank has found that businesses that do not have a tested and workable earthquake contingency plan are more likely to fail or suffer severe financial losses than those that do. They also found that publicly-quoted companies can suffer a 15% loss in share value and not regain it if they are not suitably prepared. A well prepared company may actually gain up to 7% in share value. If you want to maintain your competitive advantage then you need to be prepared.

In earthquake prone regions, employers have a particular responsibility towards their employees and visitors to ensure their safety wherever possible. Yet it is increasingly the case that most organisations do not have a suitable earthquake emergency response plan, or if they do, it is often out of date or impractical in relation to the likely damage scenarios for relevant design earthquakes. It is essential that organisations have such a plan.

Strategic earthquake preparedness planning can also be up-scaled to regional governments and to national Earthquake Emergency Response Plans.

We have extensive experience in working with Diplomatic Missions, international banks, private companies including FMCG operations, UN agencies, schools, and government departments in earthquake disaster contingency planning.

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