Structural vulnerability assessment of buildings and design of mitigation measures

We provide structural vulnerability assessmet on buildings and design of mitigation measures.

Collapsing buildings during a major earthquake are responsible typically for 50% of casualties and can result in many millions of pounds worth of damage. Affected communities may take years to recover physically, emotionally and psychologically. Businesses may fail completely as a result and major publically-quoted companies may suffer significant reduction in share value. It is essential that you determine whether the buildings in which you live and/or work have adequate seismic resilience. If you rent or lease your property then you need to consult your landlord. If you own or manage the property then you are responsible for ensuring that it is sufficiently resilient. Similarly, if you are commissioning a new build, you should ensure that seismic resilience is included within the design.

Bucharest buildingStructural vulnerability assessment involves checking whether a building in a seismically active area has sufficient robustness to withstand a specific magnitude earthquake. This is done by analysing the building structurally in terms of its design, construction and materials in terms of international standards and local building codes, as appropriate. This work must be undertaken by suitably experienced and qualified Earthquake Engineers. Where buildings are found to be non-resistant or have insufficient resilience to an expected earthquake of a given magnitude (e.g. a ‘design’ earthquake) remedial measures can be designed and costed for subsequent retrofitting. In extreme cases, the buildings should be demolished and reconstructed.

Staff at Reynolds International Ltd have proven experience over the last seven years in managing these types of queries. We can work in partnership with Earthquake Engineering companies located within specific countries. We have an established relationship with the internationally-acclaimed National Society for Earthquake Technology (NSET), Nepal.

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