Wind Farm Geophysics

Benefit from our unique, leading-edge seismic data processing and 3D interpretation workflow.

Hydrographic and geophysical surveys are routinely carried out prior to completion of the initial ground model for prospective wind farm sites. Both datasets have the potential to contribute valuable information to your understanding of the site. The accuracy and reliability of the hydrographic and geophysical surveys undertaken are critical so that turbine foundations can be located and designed in the most appropriate and cost-effective way.

A high standard of hydrographic data is common, and the expected outputs well defined. However, the quality of geophysical surveys varies greatly, with no agreed industry standard for the type and quality of reporting or data deliverables. Surveys for large wind farm projects can produce Terabytes of high-quality seismic data, but if these data are not properly processed, interpreted and reported these data are essentially useless to you.

Proper specification of a geophysical survey can make the difference between you receiving blurry paper seismic sections and receiving a digital database of georeferenced key interface elevation surfaces ready for inclusion in your modelling software. Failure to ensure that surveys are properly specified at the outset has led and will lead wind farm developers to spend substantial amounts of additional money on resolving issues that could easily have been avoided.

Depending on your needs and the maturity of your project, we can provide services at any level from legacy data audits to full specification, tender evaluation, Client Representative support and geophysical interpretation. Call us now on 01352 756196 or email so that you can find out without any obligation how you can make wind farm geophysics work for you.

We also offer a CPD-accredited, one-day, corporate workshop, titled ‘High-resolution marine geophysical investigation for offshore structures’. This unique course is essential for anyone working on offshore wind farm developments in a project management, technical or ground model production capacity. For more information, see the workshop webpage.

Reynolds International Ltd (RIL) staff have been providing project management and operational support services for high-resolution, over-water site investigation projects for over 20 years. We have developed substantial expertise in this area so you can be confident that we have the skills and resources necessary for your project.

Legacy data

Many wind farm developers have already completed geophysical and hydrographic surveys in the early stages of project development. The specifications for these surveys may not have been as technically well defined as they might have been, or the processing and interpretation may have been basic and have failed to unlock the full value of the […]

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Marine geophysical workshop

RIL have developed a new, one-day, corporate workshop titled ‘High-resolution marine geophysical investigations for offshore structures’. This unique course is essential for anyone working on offshore wind farm developments in a project management, technical or ground model production capacity. The course can be undertaken in your own premises and each delegate receives a set of […]

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Processing, interpretation and model production

Wind farm geophysical surveying has only recently begun to catch up with geophysical processing and interpretation standards that have been the bare minimum in the Oil and Gas sector for decades. With the rapid improvements in data acquisition technology that have occurred over the past ten years, the wind farm industry is recognising that the […]

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Specification and tender evaluation

It is important that surveys are properly specified so that they yield the information you want, not just what the geophysical contractor wants to give you. Through strict specifications you can ensure that your surveys yield the best data quality and the most suitable interpretations in data formats that are most useful to you. If […]

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Client representative support and report evaluation

A key element for Clients is having a suitably qualified and experienced representative on board the survey vessels making sure that the best quality hydrographic and geophysical data are collected as per the specification. However, there are times when the on-board representative may need support in evaluating the data quality or suitability of the data. […]

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